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Our Core Values

Academic Excellence

School nurtures independent learners through dynamic teaching and expert facilitators for students to expand their learning well beyond the core curriculum and achieve laurels at national and international levels consistently.

Blended Learning

In SOS’s blended learning environment, students have the opportunity to engage in interactive and multimedia online content while also participating in classroom discussions and receiving direct instruction from their teacher. It also promotes the development of important skills such as digital literacy and self-directed learning.

Atal Tinkering Lab
Self-Paced Classrooms

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a Learning Management System (LMS) adopted by SOS as a platform for blended, personalized and differentiated learning designed to address innate curiosity and self-learning. Google classroom is used by teachers very innovatively in multiple way like doubt-clearing session, achievers classroom, self-paced classroom.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is imperative for good academic performance and career progression. The enticing activities and experiments in the course of study based on the scientific approach CRAFT (critical reading, analysis and fact checking) promotes the critical thinking in the classroom and beyond.

Co scholastic

Integrated Approach

SOS helps students to pursue learning in a holistic way and get a deeper understanding of concepts across a number of cross-disciplines assignments by supporting the use of research and technology, using critical, analytical and problem solving skills besides encircling reading, writing, speaking, listening and presentations skills.

Scientific Temperament

At SOS, students get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. The lab work includes activities enhancing mastery of science subjects, developing scientific reasoning abilities, understanding of complexity and developing practical skills. The young ones develop a scientific attitude as they explore the concepts through joyful activities of mini miracles.

Scientific Temperament
Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

In SOS, the flipped classroom method is practised, in which students watch pre-recorded video lectures or read materials before coming to class, while class time is spent on interactive discussions and problem-solving activities. This approach allows students to engage more deeply with the material, work collaboratively with their peers, and receive more personalised instruction from their teachers.

Computational Thinking

SOS is the first school in Vidarbha to integrate CT by incorporating the CS Pathshala curriculum in Math & ICT since 2018. Students are engaged in unplugged activities like puzzle solving, sudokus, games, the Tower of Hanoi, and coding, which give exposure to systematic ways of problem solving, reasoning, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and ideation in a fun way. SOS equips students from a younger age by integrating computational thinking in Math & ICT by adopting the CS pathshala curriculum. Students participating in the Bebras Challenge—Problem Solving Challenge—acquire positions on the Wall of Fame.

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