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Atal Tinkering Lab

In the pursuit of making our students self sustainable, SOS has signed in for ATAL Tinkering Labs which is a flagship initiative of Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), Government of India to cultivate and innovative mindset amongst high school students across the country. Students make innovative working models and find sustainable solutions to community problems through technological skills.

Atal Tinkering Lab
Self-Paced Classrooms

Self-Paced Classrooms- Blended Learning

SOS is one of the top tier schools that combines outstanding teaching with technology that differentiates and targets instruction as per the needs of each student. SOS has self paced classrooms as part of blended learning to address different types of learners and make them independent. Students post questions in Google Classroom at their own pace of learning which is addressed by the teachers.


Clubs at SOS allow students to discover new passions and hobbies in Literary, Science, Maths, Environment, Art helping them nurture life skills and also improve academic performance. Club activities help students develop a sense of unity and teamwork and activities like Meet the author, Meet the scientist exposes them to the real world.

Co scholastic


Co-curricular activities (CCA) give a purview for systematic and meaningful learning opportunities and prepare students for the future through various forms of dance, music, art, and physical education. CCA brings about holistic development of the personality helping them to develop multiple skills encircling the hand, body and mind with focus on physical fitness. It allows students to explore strengths and talents other than academics and help them grow in healthy competition and handle success and failures.

Remedial Cell

To offer support services & guidance to children with special needs, slow learners & learning disabled our exclusively trained teachers & Psychologist work collaboratively with general teachers on each and every identified child to improve their writing, reading, speaking & arithmetic skills. And aim to eventually merge children with special needs, LD’s, or slow learners into mainstream, thus improving their confidence and help them cope with various difficulties.

Remedial Cell

Career Counselling

Career Counselling helps students to understand various career options and suitable career options as per their aptitude. Talks by eminent personnel including industry experts are called time to time to interact and guide the students. The elucidatory role of Alumni in career counselling is another unique feature at SOS.

Art / Science Exhibition

Exhibitions at SOS are designed to emphasise the practical significance of students' work on a larger platform to showcase their learning and talent in public. Students employ scientific methods of decision-making, logical and rational thinking with a flame of curiosity which is reflected in exhibitions which synthesize ideas in science, art, Math, etc.

Career Counselling
Art/science exhibition

Student Led Conference

Young Achievers - Research Skills SOS gives various platforms for the growth of students in various fields and Young Achievers is one such program where our budding researchers present their research work on the topic of their choice from a set of given themes. This intra-SOS conference led by students gives them an experience of paper research and presentation.

Digital Resources

The vast digital resources at SOS can be accessed anytime anywhere by our students. The class-wise and subject-wise resources, Digital libraries, innovation portal which are created in-house facilitates personalised learning thus encouraging self-learning and going beyond the textbook.


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